Ep. #3274

Season 14, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/7/2000
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Rick and Kimberly arrive at Thorne‘s beach house barbecue. Eric attends alone as Stephanie is visiting a friend. Sally and Eric both state how happy they are that Thorne and Macy are together. Thorne later asks Sally if she has heard from Adam, but she informs him that she doesn‘t intend to. Rick and Kimberly go to the bedroom but are interupted again when Eric comes in to take a telephone call from Ridge. Macy goes to use the phone in the kitchen and hears Eric and Ridge on the other line. She is shocked when she hears Ridge and Eric discussing their plan from Venice. At the Cafe Russe, Becky marvels that she is there. Becky is even more blown away when a plate arrives with the diamond earrings on it that C.J. bought her. At the hospital, Amber, posing as Becky, is informed that Becky has a stage four cancer of the pancreas. Dr. Russell tells her that they can ease the pain but there is no chance of a recovery. Amber is distraught when the doctor gives Becky six months to live.