Ep. #3273

Season 14, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 4/6/2000
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At Spectra Fashions, C.J. shows Sally some diamond earrings that he has bought for Becky. Clarke brings in a tuxedo for C.J. as he informs Sally that he‘s taking Becky to the Cafe Russe. Becky returns home from work early because she is exhausted. Becky answers a call from C.J. and tells him she can‘t go to the Cafe Russe, but a dress arrives for her and she is thrilled to go. C.J. picks Becky up for their date, as Amber prepares to go visit Dr. Russell. Thorne and Macy prepare for the barbecue at his beach house. They make love before Sally and Clarke arrive. Macy learns that C.J. is out with Becky, and Sally comments that she is happy both her children are in love. Becky and C.J. arrive at the Cafe Russe, while Amber awaits Becky‘s test results in the doctors office.