Ep. #3272

Season 14, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/5/2000
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Rick finds Kimberly in the studio at Forrester Creations. Rick tries to make love to Kimberly but she stops him again. Macy arrives and invites Rick and Kimberly to the barbecue at Thorne‘s beach house. Megan sences that Brooke is upset, so she takes three male models to Brooke‘s office to show off the lastest line of male underwear from the Brooke‘s Bedroom line. Rick drops in and Brooke asks him about how things are going with Becky. Rick tells her that Becky is a great mother and the baby is happy. Amber and little Eric go with Becky to the hospital. Becky nervously has the nurse do the tests. Later, Amber again pretends to be Becky as Dr. Russell calls. He tells her he needs to see her right away.