Ep. #3271

Season 14, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/4/2000
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At Spectra Fashions, Sally calls C.J. to her office to tell him that she made a mistake in not trusting Becky. Sally wishes her son happiness as C.J. says that he wants to be with Becky for the rest of his life. Amber tries to tell Becky that she might have cancer, but holds back when Becky gushes with happiness about C.J. Amber only tells Becky that the doctor called and wants to do more tests, so Becky agrees to go. Macy goes to Brooke and tells her that she wants to put things behind them. Asking to be friends, Macy invites Brooke to a barbecue at Thorne‘s beach house. Brooke later cries to Thorne that Macy has no idea about how close herself and Thorne were.