Ep. #3270

Season 14, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/3/2000
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In the hotel room in Paris, Ridge vents his anger at Morgan for destroying a child he didn‘t even know exsisted. Morgan tells him that she wanted the baby, but Stephanie took control and forced her to have an abortion. Ridge later calls Stephanie and yells that he‘ll never talk to her again. After dinner, Becky opens up to Clarke and Sally about how she grew up. Sally asks about little Eric‘s father, but Becky assures them he‘ll never be in the picture. Clarke and Sally warm to Becky as they welcome her into their family. Amber goes to the hospital posing as Becky and Dr. Russell, the oncologist, tells her that she has cancer of the pancreas and must have a biopsy. Later, as C.J. takes Becky home, Amber sits in the darkness and sobs.