Ep. #3269

Season 14, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 3/31/2000
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In Paris, Ridge refuses to let Morgan leave until she admits the truth to him. Morgan tells Ridge that she has always loved him, and that she only left him because she was pregnant. Morgan confesses that she had an abortion. At Sally‘s penthouse, Sally tells Becky that she wants what‘s best for C.J. and her baby doesn‘t fit into that picture. Becky explains that she too wants C.J. to be a success, she loves him, and she won‘t stand in the way of that. Sally admires Becky‘s guts to stand up to her. Rick and Amber grow closer as they play with little Eric. Amber thanks him for saving her job, and Rick can‘t keep his eyes off Amber as she walks around in scantily clad. Later Amber receives a call from a Dr. Fetter, who Becky had previously seen that day. Believing Amber to be Becky, he advises her to come to hospital right away as he informs her that her test results showed signs of cancer cells.