Ep. #3268

Season 14, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 3/30/2000
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Becky tells Amber that she had some tests done for some stomach aches that she has been having and adds that she has been feeling tired lately. Becky later tells Amber about how happy she is with C.J., and she questions Amber about her feelings for Rick. C.J. sees Rick at Insomnia and they discuss Kimberly and Becky. Becky calls C.J. and asks him to get Rick to visit the baby tonight to get him alone with Amber. C.J. arrives home and finds Sally and Clarke are not interested in having dinner with Becky. He orders them to be civil to her and to take the chance to know her. As Amber babysits little Eric, Rick arrives and the two realise that they have been set up. At Forrester International, Ridge questions Morgan about why she left him, against her objections. Ridge massages Morgan‘s neck when she seems stressed, but she later rushes out. Ridge finds Morgan packing her things in the hotel room and he damands to know what is going on.