Ep. #3267

Season 14, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 3/29/2000
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Becky tells C.J. how surprised she is that their relationship is going so well, both agree that they thought it would be complicated. C.J. later goes to Spectra Fashions where Sally and Clarke jump on him for spending time with Becky. C.J. tells them not to judge her, and informs his parents that Becky is coming to dinner the following night. Amber tells Becky that Rick saved her from being fired, but how cold he still remained towards her. Brooke visits Stephanie at home and questions her about Morgan and Ridge‘s past. Stephanie insists it was just a fling but Brooke isn‘t convinced. At Forrester International, Suzanne sets Ridge and Morgan up in their office. Ridge later jokes with Morgan about how she dumped him and ran off. Morgan flips out and tells him never to mention that again.