Ep. #3265

Season 14, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/27/2000
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Kimberly and Rick are shocked when they see Amber setting their table. Kimberly wants to leave but Rick convinces her to stay. Kimberly flaunts her relationship with Rick in front of Amber until she ends up crying. Becky and C.J. look through her photos of Paris. As Becky reads some poetry, C.J. confesses his love to Becky. Megan tells Giovanni how deep Brooke‘s feelings for Thorne are, and how she hopes that they can work it out before it‘s too late. As Thorne and Brooke dance, he goes in to kiss her but is interrupted when his pager goes off. Brooke later apologises as Thorne offers to leave Forrester Creations to make things easier. Worried about Macy, Thorne tells Brooke to forget what just happened between them.