Ep. #3264

Season 14, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/24/2000
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As C.J. helps feed little Eric, Becky asks him about his thoughts on Rick and Amber getting back together. C.J. says that it will never happen, but Becky has other ideas. Rick helps Kimberly into the dress he bought her, before heading off to the Cafe Russe. Amber is horrified when she sees that she is going to have to bus their table. Brooke and Thorne make small talk as they work, but Thorne abruptly leaves when they start reminiscing about Venice. Brooke later opens the box left from Venice and finds a wedding gown from Thorne inside. Trying it on, Thorne returns and tells her to take it off. Giovanni goes to enter, but Megan stops him telling him that Brooke didn‘t want to be disturbed. Brooke tells Thorne that she can‘t have the wedding, but asks for a dance instead.