Ep. #3263

Season 14, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/23/2000
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C.J. sees Rick at Insomnia and asks him about his date with Kimberly. Rick admits that Kimberly wants to wait until she is married to have sex. C.J. tells Rick that he is dating Becky, Rick wonders if C.J. can handle taking on a child too. Kimberly drops by to see Macy and confides in her that she couldn‘t have sex with Rick. Macy tells Kimberly that if she wants to wait then she should, and if Rick loves her then he will respect that. Rick goes to see Kimberly and gives her a gown, he tells her that they are going to have dinner at the Cafe Russe. Becky tells Amber that she and C.J. know somebody that is interested in her, but Amber tells her not to set her up as she is still in love with Rick. Brooke is busy looking at shipments when Giovanni starts questioning her about Thorne, Brooke promises him that she will not let her personal issues interfere with her work. Thorne comes by and senses that Brooke is tense around him. Later a package arrives from Venice.