Ep. #3206

Season 13, Episode 199 -  Air Date: 12/30/1999
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Brooke tells Dr. Isabel Deacon has to stay married to Bridget, and no one can ever know Deacon is the father of Brooke‘s baby. Dr. Isabel realizes Deacon loves Brooke more than any other man ever has. She advises Brooke to go back to L.A. and get on with her life now that she knows her secret is safe with Deacon. Brooke assures Dr. Isabel her own feelings about Deacon are now irrelevant. Massimo isn‘t pleased when Amber tells him she knows about his visit with Rick. Afraid that Massimo has set Rick up, Amber demands to know what Massimo is up to. Ridge is stunned when Rick suggests a solution to Forrester‘s international tax situation, and Chuck admits he was going to propose the same move. Based on his advice from Massimo, Rick makes several more constructive suggestions to Eric‘s delight and Ridge‘s dismay. Deacon covers when Bridget asks him about his business trip. Deacon tells Bridget she‘s his number one priority. After the meeting, Stephanie and Taylor are impressed with Rick‘s contributions, but Ridge feels somehow they have just been hustled. Eric tells Rick how proud he is.