Ep. #3194

Season 13, Episode 187 -  Air Date: 12/14/1999
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Shane grabs the documents that Hector gives to Phoebe. Shane has innocent explanations for the crimes held against him. Phoebe believes him but Hector doesn‘t buy it. Shane later asks Phoebe out to dinner, while Hector calls a pal to find out more information about Shane. Bridget attempts to reveal her pregnancy to Brooke, but Nick walks in with plans for himself and Brooke to renew their vows. While Brooke and Nick exchange vows in the garden, Bridget watches from the terrace, while Felicia enquires whether Bridget has told Brooke about the baby. Brooke heads up to bed later, as Bridget confronts Nick. As Bridget argues with Nick, she reveals that she is pregnant with his child.