Ep. #3119

Season 13, Episode 112 -  Air Date: 8/25/1999
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Whip assures Stephanie that Brooke is committed to protecting Bridget from the truth. Stephanie advises Whip to keep an eye on Brooke and Deacon because they have no self-restraint. As Bridget listens, Deacon reminds Brooke that she will raise his child with Whip, and Deacon will stay with Bridget, and that‘s the way it has to be. Bridget hears them kiss after confessing how much they each miss being together. She rushes out of the house. Deacon goes looking for Bridget so he can take her to lunch. Eric notices a change in Kristen‘s attitude toward Ridge. Kristen points out that it was Brooke, not Massimo, who caused the problems at Forrester, and she wonders why Eric isn‘t directing his anger at Brooke. Stephanie informs Deacon that he won‘t realize how lucky he is to have someone like Bridget until the day he loses her. Bridget goes to the Forrester guest house, replays in her mind what she has just heard, and crumples to the ground in tears. Eric sees Bridget, but she orders him not to touch her and to go away.