Ep. #3039

Season 13, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 5/5/1999
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CJ offers support to Kimberly as she sobs about Rick. CJ tells her that she will have the chance to love again, but she feels that Rick was the only man for her and that now she will never have him. Amber and Tawny show up at the Forrester home and Tawny makes Amber enter with the baby. Everybody admires the baby and Brooke asks to hold him. Taylor notices how down Amber looks, but Tawny passes it off as an upset stomach. Tawny later questions Brooke on her desire to destroy Rick‘s marriage. Tawny suggests that Brooke give Amber and Rick a little support. Rick is lost in happiness as he holds the child. Amber sees how much he already loves the baby and she vows to herself that she will have to keep the secret for the rest of her life.