Ep. #3036

Season 13, Episode 29 -  Air Date: 4/30/1999
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Ridge tells Brooke that Jack Abbott has been calling for her. Brooke tells him that she is too concerned with Rick to talk to Jack or Ashley Abbott. Ridge is surprised when Brooke suggests that Amber may be having Raymond‘s child. Ridge warns Brooke that she could hurt a lot of people if she continues to pursue her theory. Tawny stands by Amber as she buries her son in a little wooden box in the desert. Amber sobs as she sings to him and wonders why her baby had to die. Rick finds Stephanie waiting for him at the guesthouse. Rick admits that he is worried that Amber still hasn‘t come home. Tawny takes Amber back to her trailer and again suggests that Amber take Becky‘s son back to Los Angeles. Rick later calls Amber, and in a fluster, Amber admits that she has had the baby and that she is bringing him home.