Ep. #3035

Season 13, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 4/29/1999
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Rick tells Kimberly not to get ahead of herself when she starts considering that Raymond could be the father of Amber‘s child. Rick feels guitly that he is even considering it and bids Kimberly goodbye. Amber cries as she sees Becky‘s baby. Tawny suggests that Amber hold him and says that maybe he will help her forget her loss. Amber is furious that Tawny thinks she can forget her own child and she orders Sara to take the baby away. Tawny stops her and hints that Amber could raise the baby. Amber is in an emotional state and doesn‘t realise what Tawny means. Tawny says that the baby needs love, and feels that Rick and Amber can give him that. She adds that Rick never need know that the baby isn‘t really his. Tawny tells Amber that the baby is Eric Forrester III.