Ep. #3034

Season 13, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 4/28/1999
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Stephanie warns Brooke that she will lose Rick if she continues to try and dig up dirt on Amber. Stephanie asks Brooke to give Amber a chance but she refuses to let up. Rick talks with Kimberly that he will be a father any day. Rick informs Kimberly of Brooke‘s suspicions about Amber. Kimberly becomes excited that there is even a slight chance that the baby might not be Rick‘s. Tawny tells Sara to leave the baby with her. Sara is stunned when Tawny suggests that Amber raise the baby. Tawny feels that if Becky doesn‘t want him and Amber has lost her child it could be the best thing for her to hold onto her marriage. Tawny pleads with Sara to help her. Amber later comes out of the bedroom and is horrified to see the baby.