Ep. #3033

Season 13, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 4/27/1999
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Stephanie barges in on Brooke and tells her to stop interfering in Rick and Amber‘s marriage. Brooke is stunned and tells Stephanie that Rick is her son and, therefore, her concern. Brooke says she is determined to find out Amber‘s secret. CJ drops in on Rick, wondering if Amber has called. Rick informs him that she hasn‘t and CJ questions Rick on what he would do if the baby wasn‘t his. Rick admits that their would be no marriage, but tells CJ that the baby is his. Amber refuses to call Rick and continues to blame herself for her son‘s death. Tawny calls Sara and asks her to pick up the body. When Sara comes by she has Becky‘s baby and Tawny is furious. Sara explains she is on her way to social services with him. As Sara takes Amber‘s baby away, Tawny suddenly gets an idea while talking to Becky‘s son.