Ep. #3030

Season 13, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 4/22/1999
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Rick tells Brooke that he has to trust Amber, but Brooke stresses that he has to see that Amber is acting strangely. Rick remembers times with Raymond when Brooke mentions him. He wonders if Amber could have been with him, but later pushes the ideas out of his mind. Raymond‘s impatience increases. He beats himself up for sleeping with Amber. CJ orders him to sort himself out and just await the news. Macy feels Kimberly is making herself feel worse by clinging onto Rick. Kimberly says that she loves Rick and needs to be there for him. Amber starts to give birth as a sandstorm rages in the desert. Amber pushes and screams in pain as Sara begins to deliver the baby. Suddenly the power is knocked out by the storm.