Ep. #3029

Season 13, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/21/1999
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Brooke visits Rick at the guest house and is angry that Amber is still with Tawny. Brooke tells Rick about Sally, CJ and Raymond. Brooke plants suspicions in his mind about the baby. Raymond paces and tells CJ that he needs to know what is going on with the birth. CJ assures him that they will know soon. Macy talks with Kimberly about Rick. Macy feels Kimberly should let go, but she says that she was robbed of her chance of happiness and adds that she wishes the baby wasn‘t Rick‘s. Tawny shows Sara photographs of Raymond and Rick. Sara realizes that it‘s going to be obvious who the baby‘s father is. Amber gives Rick a call to tell him that she loves him. Sara prepares for the birth, while Amber prays for a good outcome.