Ep. #3028

Season 13, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/20/1999
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Rick tells Kimberly that he is scared of becoming a father. Kimberly reassures him that he will be fine. Before leaving, Rick tells her that he will never forget her and she sobs. Brooke refuses to let up on what Amber is hiding. Ridge believes that there is nothing she can do except accept the marriage. Brooke thinks she should talk to Rick and heads off. CJ tries to get Raymond to relax but he is too on edge. CJ fears he will lose Amber‘s friendship if the baby is Raymond‘s. CJ admits that he wants Rick with Amber in order to keep him away from Kimberly. The midwife Sara arrives and sets up her equipment. Sara tells them that Amber should have the baby by the morning. Tawny holds Amber as she panics that the baby could end up being Raymond‘s.