Ep. #3027

Season 13, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 4/19/1999
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Brooke tells Ridge that Amber is hiding something big. Ridge feels that Brooke shouldn‘t involve herself, but she insists that Rick shouldn‘t be married to a woman that he doesn‘t love. Rick heads back to Los Angeles and calls Kimberly. She asks him to come by and they embrace. CJ calls Amber and warns her that Brooke is on her tail. CJ informs Sally and Raymond that Amber is in labor. Raymond tells of how he will stand by Amber if the baby is his. Sally warns that if that turns out to be the case, sparks will fly. Tawny wonders how Amber could have gotten herself into such a mess. Tawny tries to locate Sara but is unable to do so. Amber goes into full blown labor as they finally hear from Sara who is then on her way.