Ep. #3025

Season 13, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 4/15/1999
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Rick tells Amber that they need to go, but Tawny stalls by ordering in some dinner. Amber talks to a heavily pregnant Becky outside. Becky tells Amber that she is giving her baby up for adoption as she is too young and the father left her before he even knew she was pregnant. Amber later has a contraction and tells Tawny to get rid of Rick quickly. Brooke asks Kimberly if she knows anything about Amber keeping a secret. Kimberly admits that she knows nothing and refuses to hope anymore when it comes to Rick. Brooke gets an idea when Kimberly mentions Sally causing a scene at the wedding. At Spectra Fashions, Sally wonders why she, CJ and Raymond are keeping Amber‘s secret. CJ says they need to do it for the innocent child and pleads with Sally to keep the information she knows to herself. Brooke later arrives and begins questioning Sally on what she knows about Amber.