Ep. #3024

Season 13, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 4/14/1999
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Amber accuses Raymond of trying to break up her marriage, but he only cares about the baby. Amber promises to call him and manages to get rid of him before Rick comes looking for her. Rick suggests that he and Amber return home but she makes excuses not to go. Rick wonders if she is indeed hiding something, but Tawny jumps in with reasons for Amber to stay. Suddenly the house is filled with Tawny‘s brother Joe, his wife Tilly, and Amber‘s cousins Becky and Dale, as well as Amber‘s old friend Eb. They quickly get to know Rick. Brooke wonders if Taylor trusts Amber, but Taylor quips that in her professional opinion Amber does seem to be hiding something. Kimberly pulls away from CJ and tells him that he shouldn‘t have kissed her. CJ is sorry, but Kimberly says that she simply isn‘t ready to move on with anyone yet. Brooke later shows up at Kimberly‘s hammering on the door.