Ep. #3023

Season 13, Episode 16 -  Air Date: 4/13/1999
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CJ visits Kimberly and they discuss Adam. CJ tells Kimberly that he doesn‘t trust Adam and adds that he doesn‘t think that she should either. Kimberly stands by her father and mentions that she likes having a bigger family. CJ stuns Kimberly by kissing her. Brooke visits Taylor seeking advice about Amber. Taylor tells Brooke to trust her instincts, but to also prepare herself for maybe being wrong about Amber. Amber makes excuses and quickly ducks outside. Amber yells at Raymond for following her but he insists that he has a right to see her. Amber promises Raymond that if the child is his then she will contact him the moment it is born. Meanwhile, Rick and Tawny discuss him becoming a father. Tawny tells him the story of how she became pregnant with Amber from a passing trucker who left when he found out she was pregnant.