Ep. #3021

Season 13, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/5/1999
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Sally thanks CJ for the mature way he acted in accepting the news about Adam. Raymond comes by demanding that CJ tell him where Amber is. Sally is stunned to learn that Amber has gone to her mother‘s to have the baby. Sally suggests the truth come out as the lies and getting too big to hide. Brooke learns that Amber has left town whilst talking with Eric and Stephanie. Brooke thinks something is going on, but Rick defends Amber as he walks in. Brooke pushes her concerns onto her son and suggests he go visit Amber, Brooke has Megan locate Tawny‘s address. Amber tells Tawny how she wants to be a good mother and Tawny gives her support. They bond a little closer as Tawny takes responsibility for being a bad mother. Amber is determined to change her life around and dreams that when the baby is born, all will be perfect.