Ep. #3020

Season 13, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 4/8/1999
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CJ refuses to listen to Adam and warns Sally and Macy to do the same. Sally says that their personal feelings aren‘t important, but rather what‘s best for their family. Kimberly, Macy and Sally all support Adam in bringing the family back together. CJ agrees for the sake of his mother but warns him not to hurt Sally again. Eric talks with Rick about Amber‘s sudden disappearance. Rick doesn‘t think that anything is going on and adds that Tawny‘s support may be what Amber needs. Amber meets a midwife named Sara, who comes over at Tawny‘s request. Sara does a few checks on Amber and informs her that she will be giving birth within a week. Amber freaks out when Rick calls and wonders how she could have gotten herself into such a mess.