Ep. #3019

Season 13, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/7/1999
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Brooke and Pierce kiss as he asks her to stay the night. Brooke declines, but Pierce feels that they both need something from one another. Brooke admits that she is a little tipsy and agrees to stay, but in the guest room only. Stephanie questions Rick on when Amber will be home. He is unsure but sees that Amber making up with Tawny as a positive move. Sally and Macy search around trying to find CJ, before realizing that CJ has gone to confront Adam. Kimberly yells at CJ to stop attacking Adam. CJ warns Adam to stay away from Macy and Sally. CJ tells Kimberly how Sally has been hurt since the day Adam left. Sally and Macy show up and apologize for CJ‘s behavior. Adam apologises for all the pain he has brought to all of them, and hopes that they can all move forward together.