Ep. #3018

Season 13, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 4/6/1999
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Brooke tells Ridge and Taylor that they no longer need to tiptoe around her. Brooke admits that it will take her a while to get over Ridge, but she needs to do it alone. Brooke asks Pierce to take her home and Taylor notices that Ridge is saddened by this. Taylor questions Ridge on if Pierce makes him jealous. Brooke goes home with Pierce where they toast to new beginnings again as well as sharing a kiss. Sally and Macy decide that CJ needs to know about Adam. CJ is stunned and can‘t believe that Sally and Macy would allow him back into their lives. CJ refuses to allow Adam to get away with walking out on Sally. Kimberly asks Adam if there are any more secrets to come out. Adam again apologises for keeping her in the dark for so many years. CJ later shows up at the door, storms in and punches Adam.