Ep. #3017

Season 13, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/5/1999
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Tawny wonders why Rick hasn‘t thrown Amber out. Amber explains that Rick doesn‘t know and Tawny advises her to keep it that way. Amber explains that she slept with Raymond whilst drunk and the baby may be black. Tawny promises to take care of everything. Thorne and Macy spend some time together at The Insomnia Café. Macy thanks Thorne for making her feel happy again lately. Macy steps up onto the stage and sings him a song, finishing it with a kiss. At the Café Russe, Ridge attempts to make small talk with Pierce about business, during which Pierce admits that he misses Taylor. Taylor talks about being pregnant, which makes Brooke feel uncomfortable. Brooke and Ridge later talk about old times, leaving Taylor and Pierce out of the conversation.