Ep. #3015

Season 13, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/1/1999
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Ridge is busy with work and Taylor suggests they go out for dinner. Taylor drops by Brooke‘s office and invites her to join them, but she declines. Taylor tells Ridge of her hopes to be friends with Brooke. Thore suggests to Brooke that she takes Taylor up on her offer to show her that she is moving on from Ridge, Thorne adds that maybe she should take Pierce along too. Rick feels he should go and find Amber, but Stephanie stops him, thinking that Amber needs the time to rebuild bridges with her mother. Tawny yells at Amber for getting pregnant and suggests that she give the baby up. Amber is sickened and tells her mother that she is married and plans to raise the baby, hoping to give it the life that she herself never had.