Ep. #3014

Season 13, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 3/31/1999
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Adam is thankful to have Kimberly back. Kimberly apologises for running off but admits she found the truth hard to accept. Sally and Macy understand Kimberly‘s issues, but Kimberly explains to her father she now knows why he had to leave the family. They all embrace. Stephanie waits in the guesthouse, intrigued by the note left for Rick. Thorne drops in and Stephanie asks him to give Rick and Amber‘s marriage a little support. Rick later arrives home and after reading the note left by Amber, realizes that Amber won‘t be home for a while. Stephanie is stunned on why Amber would want to see her mother. As Amber drives to her mother‘s in the desert she remembers her painful childhood and how her mother never wanted her. Amber is angry that she is that desparate to return. Amber shows up at her mother‘s trailer and Tawny is shocked to find that Amber is pregnant.