Ep. #3013

Season 13, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 3/30/1999
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Kimberly sobs to Rick that her father lied to her. Rick explains to Kimberly how Adam had to keep his past life a secret to protect Sally and Macy and it was harder on her father than anyone. Sally supports Adam as he beats himself up for destroying Kimberly‘s world. Rick later calls Macy and informs her that he has found Kimberly. Rick and Kimberly join Adam, Macy and Sally at The Insomnia Café and Sally informs Kimberly how her mother and Adam were legally married as Sally had divorced Adam years before. CJ rushes Amber to pack her things. Eric drops in and tells Amber how he and Brooke would like to be at the hospital when she gives birth. CJ makes Amber see that she has to have the baby at her mother‘s. Amber leaves Rick a note telling him of her visit with Tawny, before heading out the door.