Ep. #3012

Season 13, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 3/29/1999
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Macy heads to The Insomnia Café to look for Kimberly. Sally supports Macy as she blames herself for Kimberly‘s running away. Adam later shows up and is also depressed as he still hasn‘t heard any word from his daughter. Sally and Adam become closer over the situation. Kimberly rushes around to try and leave before Rick finds her. Alexis stalls Kimberly so that Rick is able to arrive and stop her skipping town. Kimberly sobs as Rick promises to be there for her. CJ suggests Amber get out of town to have her baby. Amber thinks he is talking crazy but he sees that she has no other choice. CJ pushes Amber to call her mother and have the baby back in Furnace Creek, Death Valley. Amber refuses to speak to her mother, but CJ forces her to call Tawny.