Ep. #3010

Season 13, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/25/1999
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Eric fills Brooke in about Amber‘s ladylike behavior at the Café Russe. Brooke is dubious when Eric tells her how much Amber has changed. Eric points out that Amber is Brooke‘s daughter-in-law and Brooke needs to appreciate their attempts to make the marriage work. He urges Brooke to offer to be with Amber and Rick when the baby‘s born. Ridge has a romantic evening planned for Taylor. They reminisce about the early days of their relationship and think about Rick and Amber, who are now starting married life in the same guest house at the Forrester home where they once lived. Amber thanks Rick again for a wonderful evening, and is thrilled when Rick admits he felt there was something good between them again, too. He asks her to sing something for him and she happily obliges. Rick asks Amber how she feels about having to give up her singing career, and Amber tells him that her priorities have changed.