Ep. #3009

Season 13, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/24/1999
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Brooke and Pierce discuss his feelings for Taylor, and Brooke is surprised at how fast Pierce has been able to get over them. Brooke mentions her feelings for Ridge and she feels that she has been a fool holding out for him as long as she has. Brooke and Pierce share a kiss at the end of the evening and both are surprised after the fact. Rick asks Amber to dance. As Eric and Lauren watch, Eric realizes something‘s different about them. Lauren tells him that maybe Amber wants to earn his respect. Rick sees Lauren and Eric and they go over to say hello. Eric is impressed and Lauren is pleased. When Eric calls Amber a lady, Amber is thrilled. Lauren tells Eric that Amber is committed to becoming the kind of wife Rick can be proud of. Eric sees Amber in a whole new light. Amber thanks Eric for helping to make their evening special and is touched when Eric gives her a little hug good-bye.