Ep. #3008

Season 13, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/23/1999
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Pierce and Brooke dine on the terrace. He suggests they toast the fact that they‘re starting a new era in their lives. Pierce knows they‘ve both suffered losses, but feels that they can still achieve happiness together. Lauren tells Eric that she has a surprise for him, something that will help put his mind at ease about Rick. Eric isn‘t thrilled when Lauren points out Rick and Amber at the Café Russe, but Lauren wants him to see that Amber has changed. Eric is certain that it‘s all an act and manipulation. Lauren points out that Amber wants the marriage to work and is committed to making Rick happy. As the evening goes on, Rick notices there‘s something different about Amber. She admits she went to Lauren for help, explaining that she wants to be better for Rick, and for his future. Rick is touched, and kisses her gently, as Lauren and Eric look on.