Ep. #2849

Season 12, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 7/28/1998
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Eric arrives at the office and tells Margo that Ridge will be returning today. Margo is surprised that he is able to so soon, but she is even more surprised when she notices Thorne rallying around to help Ridge. Margo guesses that nearly losing Ridge made Thorne realise how much he cares for his brother. Stephanie is worried when Lt. Burke shows up at her door with a warrant to search her home. Stephanie is nervous that he will find the gun Thorne used to shoot Ridge and feels helpless as he looks around. Stephanie calls Eric and informs him of the situation. Eric rushes back home as Stephanie follows Lt. Burke into her bedroom. A fearful Stephanie grabs the pistol from her drawer and hands it to the officer, telling him that she shot Ridge. Eric is shocked by what Stephanie is doing.