Ep. #2760

Season 12, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/25/1998
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The whole Forrester family is standing in line to donate a kidney. Amber says the Forresters are just great people, then starts crying again. Jonny is struggling with his bonds and thinks to himself that Rush will kill Lauren if she notices a difference. Rush is at the door and Lauren lets him in and tells him dinner is ready, but he grabs her ask to leave the town with him. The doorbell rings and Macy and Grant announce they are having a party next week and want Lauren and Jonny to come. Amber sneaks in to see Rick. The doctor is putting Rick on the kidney donor list, but it may be three to four years before a kidney is found. Brooke starts crying as Amber walks in and tells them she wants to donate her kidney. Then Brooke and Amber hug each other and sob some more.