Ep. #2758

Season 12, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/23/1998
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Brooke is standing over Rick, begging him to please be strong and make it. Amber is back in the house and locks the door to her room. She is hysterical and starts to take off her bloody clothes from the accident. Sally gets in from shopping and C.J. is on the phone, crying to his mother about the car crash. Ridge shows up at home after trekking back from his visit to Big Bear and Eric calls him with the news. Amber asks to come along. Brooke is crying as she watches her son through the window in the emergency room. Ridge is holding Brooke. Sally comes over to them and asks Eric if they know where C.J. is and if he is all right. Amber pulls C.J. aside in the hallway to ask why he bothered to cover for her in this whole mess. Brooke goes into the chapel to pray for her son.