Ep. #2649

Season 11, Episode 144 -  Air Date: 10/13/1997
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Stephanie and Eric are talking about the great success of the Forrester collection. Taylor and Ridge are still talking about his feelings about the baby. Brooke is calling all of Rick‘s friends again, but none of them have heard from Rick or C.J. At the crash scene, the car is shown demolished and smoking. C.J. helps Amber and both start searching for Rick. They find him bleeding. As they hear the first strains of the siren from the ambulance, C.J. tells Amber that she has to leave. Stephanie tells Eric that if he could have seen Ridge and Taylor together, he would agree they are for each other. As Brooke and James open the door to leave, the phone rings and Brooke learns the bad news from C.J. Brooke and James rush into the hospital where she finds Rick with the doctors.