Ep. #2648

Season 11, Episode 143 -  Air Date: 10/10/1997
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Ridge is coming to visit Taylor while she is still with Stephanie. They are talking about the baby, and Ridge is really sorry about the lost time with his new son. Brooke is pacing the floor, worried about Rick and Amber. She tells James that she is going to have a talk with Amber. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick are still up on Mulholland Drive making out. Someone comes up to the car door and asks to see a driver‘s license, but it is C.J. He wants a drag race, but Rick wants none of it. C.J. accuses him of not having the stones for it and tells Amber to come with him. At the last minute Rick changes his decision. The two cars are revved up and ready. Amber says "Start"! She is screaming with excitement because they are winning, but Rick turns back and loses control of the car.