Ep. #2632

Season 11, Episode 127 -  Air Date: 9/18/1997
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Taylor returns to L.A. and shows up at Brooke‘s door with the baby. Brooke doesn‘t want to allow her to talk with Ridge, who is waiting for her in the bedroom. Taylor assures Brooke that she will not tell Ridge that he is the father of her child. Meanwhile Thorne is upset, thinking that that‘s the end for him and Taylor. Brooke calls him to tell him the good news about Taylor‘s decision. Meanwhile, Maggie has invited Lauren to watch Sheila‘s reaction when Judy, the nurse who worked in Sheila and Eric‘s house earlier, shows up at door and shocks Sheila. They are using a video camera with special sound effects also. Taylor is back at home where Thorne is waiting for her happy, but he doesn‘t know there will be a surprise.