Ep. #2616

Season 11, Episode 111 -  Air Date: 8/25/1997
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Thorne and Taylor continue to race to the house. Taylor is determined to tell Ridge that he is the father of her baby, as well as her suspicions that Brooke isn‘t really pregnant. When her water breaks, Taylor realises they aren‘t going to make it to the hospital, and begs Thorne to pull over because she‘s about to give birth. At the house, Brooke is terrified Taylor will show up and blow her right out of the water. With her brother, mother, and sister in attendance, Brooke and Ridge say their I Do‘s, and Stephanie is disappointed that Taylor didn‘t make it to the church in time. Sally and Lauren (who is drying her nails) read about the wedding, and ask Stephanie‘s hairdresser Deane for information. Deane is mum on the issue, but Lauren and Sally know there‘s something wrong if Taylor lets Brooke manipulate Ridge away from her.