Ep. #2615

Season 11, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 8/22/1997
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Brooke and Ridge are preparing for their upcoming wedding at the house. They thank Eric for designing special wedding outfits for Bridget and Rick, then welcome Brooke‘s parents, brother Storm, and sister Katie (sister Donna was unable to attend). Brooke then heads off to Taylor‘s beach house, while Ridge heads to the office. At the beach house, Taylor again insists that until she sees actual medical proof that Brooke is pregnant, she won‘t believe it. Brooke tries to suggest a home pregnancy test, but Taylor reminds her that she‘s a chemist; she can fake it. If Brooke cannot produce proof by the wedding, then Taylor will make sure everyone knows she‘s lying. At the office, Ridge finds the issue of Eye on Fashion showing Taylor in the show-stopper and his bended knee proposal. After a series of flashbacks, Ridge tosses the magazine in the trash, resigned to wed Brooke since he can‘t have Taylor.