Ep. #2592

Season 11, Episode 87 -  Air Date: 7/22/1997
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Monday: Maxxie meets a new love-interest: James, who is both gay and a cyclist. Maxxie seems very interested, leaving him a note on his bicycle. Sketch steals this note, later slashing Maxxie‘s tyres. Tuesday: Maxxie is forced to take the bus, and so leaving a window for Sketch to approach James warning him off on the grounds that: She was his ex-girlfriend and he stalks her (both lies). Wednesday: James tells Maxxie to leave him alone, only to work out Sketch was lying. The next morning (Thursday), James finds his tyres slashed and is also forced to get the bus, meeting Maxxie onboard. They talk and work out that this is all Sketch‘s work; they decide to start again. Sketch is seen outside looking in with a face of melancholy, as the two exchange names.