Ep. #2522

Season 11, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 4/15/1997
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Sheila meets with Curtis to give him more money but he hands it back. Sheila sees that Curtis has fallen for Maggie and realises he is even more valuable to her now in her plan to get James. Maggie defends herself to James, but he accuses her of blabbing to Curtis. Maggie insists that she needs someone to talk to as he can‘t see that Sheila is destroying their lives and their marriage. Sheila walks in as Maggie storms out and she later tells her baby that mom and dad will soon be together. Hunter questions Thorne about his feelings towards Grant. Thorne says he has motive, but didn‘t pull the trigger. Hunter questions Taylor on if she has seen Ridge and she admits to the night in Big Bear. Thorne is seriously pissed off and storms out.