Ep. #2513

Season 11, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/2/1997
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Curtis comforts Maggie as she whines about Sheila. When Curtis tells her the cold truth that she will never be happy with James, Maggie asks him to leave. Thorne drops by the Forrester mansion to see Felicia. Talking about Ridge, Felicia is stunned to hear Thorne even suggest that Ridge did shoot Grant. Thorne tells Felicia that Eric and Stephanie may be getting back together, but Felicia isn‘t thrilled by the prospect. She explains that their divorce was messy and nobody wants to go through it again. Eric makes Lauren admit that she is in love with him. Lauren then tells him that her love for him isn‘t important as Stephanie loves him too and Lauren refuses to get bewteen the two of them reuniting. Felicia sees Eric leave and then finds Lauren crying.