Ep. #2506

Season 11, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/24/1997
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At Spectra Fashions, Sally is desperate to raise her daughters spirits. She asks Macy to attend Grant‘s celebration party with her, but Macy says she will not celebrate the Forrester‘s losing their company. Clarke enters dripping with sweat, returning from his visit with Grant. Grant is laying on the floor of his office in a pool of blood. Everybody is rushing around after hearing the gun shot. Michael sees Enrique quickly remove the gloves he‘s wearing. In Paris, Beth is just telling Brooke that she shouldn‘t have made Grant CEO of Forrester Creations as a phone call from Michael interrupts them. Michael explains to a shocked Brooke that Grant has been shot. The paramedics rush to Grant‘s aid. Police Lieutenant Bradley Baker asks Grant if he knows who shot him and he shouts out that it was Ridge.